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 10 reasons why you should visit Katowice  

Katowice is a city with a long story. The first mentioned appeared around 16th century.

Katowice, which was a symbol of mining, became a modern, european city. Attract people with its grand history, cultur, architecture and events.



Green city

City is full of parks, which makes Katowice one of the greenest cities in Poland. Around 40% of the area of the city are forrests. One of the greatest parks in Katowice is Silesian Park. It is one of the biggest park in the whole Europe.

Katowice was the first city in Poland, which introduce the „Plan of the low-emission economy”. This plan contribute improving air quality and Energy security.



Social life – city of events

It is worth to mention that Katowice was a host during COP 24 – UN Climate Summit, organized in 2018. Beside this, city is known from music festivals like Silesian Jazz Festival, Rawa Blues Festival, Off Festival or Tauron Nowa Muzyka. Additionally annually are organized theater festivals like A PART International Theater Festival and Summer Theater Garden.

One of the most famous buildings in Katowice is Spodek Arena, place where organized are sports events and concerts. It is a symbol of modern architecture.

Katowice is a student city, full of restaurants and coffee shops.  

Katowice GET UP TO DATE!


Public transport is one of the best developed in Poland


Buses and Trams 

Katowice and neighboring cities are connected by buses and tramways.


Train station

Katowice is a transfer center, beside of very good connection with majority of polish cities, train station in Katowice gives possible for trips abroad, thanks for connection with for example Prague or Vienna.




Airport in Katowice (airport is around 30km from Katowice – in Pyrzowice) has connection with all bigger cities in Europe. Access to airport is possible thanks to buses connected with the center of Katowice. Based on plans, in the end of 2023, will be open passenger rail link.


You are welcome to visit Katowice!


NOSPR-Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice 

The heart of the building is a monumental body of colored concrete covering the concert hall with 1800 seats. This great hall captivates with its intimate atmosphere. The audience surrounds the stage from all sides, shortening the distance between the musicians and the audience.


Concert online Vivaldi Bottesini Reinl Elgar

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