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Guide book for new students 



- Welcome to SUM is a practical guide for students, doctoral students and university applicants.  The software will make it easier for you to navigate around the University's buildings, campuses of the individual faculties and clinical hospitals. With the application, you will get to know the city where you study and you will plan your time after classes. 

MedicLearn is an educational app that allows you to solve tests yourself and review the knowledge you have acquired during your studies.

mStudia download the mobile app and gain access to key information, including your timetable, grades and events.

- AAMS Mobile Provides open access to full-text articles of the journal published by the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice - Annales Academiae Medicae Silesiensis. (available just on Google Play) 


Health insurance

National Health Fund insurance

Based on the Act of 27 August 2004 on healthcare services financed from public funds persons meeting certain requirements specified in the above mentioned Act are entitled for compulsory or voluntary health insurance in Poland.

If you are residing on the territory of Poland and are not entitled to use common healthcare services you can acquire the right to use healthcare services financed from public funds based on voluntary health insurance.

In order to conclude an agreement for voluntary health insurance please contact regional branch of National Health Fund (NFZ) to file an appropriate application and get familiar with detail terms for this procedure like required documents/statements, charges, premiums, etc.

Contact information of National Health Fund branch for Silesia region can be found at the NFZ website



Visa / permanent residency card procedures

All foreign students are obliged to apply for a student visa, which can be issued at the Embassies or Consulates of the Republic of Poland situated on the territory of their native countries.

Upon arrival to Poland without visa all foreign students are required to arrange their Residency Permit Card formalities immediately.

Due to complex and time-consuming procedure of applying for the Residency Permit Card (round 2 months) it is more convenient to apply for a student visa in your own country.

Students applying for a Residency Permit Card in Poland are required to submit the following documents:

  • 3 copies of application form (completed in Polish language)
  • 4 color photos sized 4.5 cm / 3.5 cm (forward-facing head shots)
  • 2 photocopies of passport
  • documents certifying source of income (loan certificate or bank statement)
  • Dean’s letter certifying the educational status
  • documents certifying no tax arrears in Poland
  • copy of Medical Insurance Certificate



Holidays in Poland

Date English name Polish name
January 1 New Year's Day Nowy Rok
January 6 Epiphany Święto Trzech Króli
Sunday in Spring (movable) Easter Sunday Niedziela Wielkanocna
Monday following Easter Sunday Easter Monday Poniedziałek Wielkanocny
May 1 Labour Day Święto Pracy
May 3 Constitution Day Święto Konstytucji 3 Maja
7th Sunday after Easter Pentecost Sunday Zielone Świątki
9th Thursday after Easter Corpus Christi Boże Ciało
August 15  

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary/

Polish Armed Forces Day

Wniebowzięcie Najświętszej Maryi Panny/

Święto Wojska Polskiego
November 1 All Saints' Day Wszystkich Świętych
November 11 Independence Day Święto Niepodległości
December 25 Christmas Day Pierwszy dzień Bożego Narodzenia
December 26 Boxing Day Drugi dzień Bożego Narodzenia





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