Entrance Exam Prep

Booking Your Online Entrance Exam at Medical University of Silesia

Once your documents are accepted by the Recruitment Committee and your status is an „Accepted”, you are able to book an entrance exam! Now, let’s proceed with scheduling your online entrance exam. Follow these steps to book a date that suits your schedule:

1. Login to Your Account:
– Access the university’s online portal using your credentials.

2. Navigate to the Calendar:
– Look for the „Calendar”  section on your dashboard.

3. Available Exam Dates:
– Explore the calendar to find the available dates for the online entrance exam.

4. Select a Suitable Date:
– Choose a date that aligns with your schedule and availability.

5. Book Your Exam Slot:
– Click on the selected date to view available time slots.
– Pick a time that suits you and proceed to book the exam slot.

6. Confirmation:
– Confirm your selected date and time to secure your spot for the entrance exam.

7. Wait for Invitation Email:
– After successfully booking your exam slot, patiently await an email from the University.
– This email will contain important details, including the invitation link to the online meeting platform for the entrance exam.

8. Check Your Inbox:
– Regularly check your email inbox, including the spam folder, to ensure you don’t miss any communications.

9. Prepare for the Exam:
– Review any specific instructions provided in the invitation email.
– Make sure you have a stable internet connection, required software MS Team’s, and a quiet environment for the exam.

10. On the Exam Day:
– On the scheduled day and time, click on the provided invitation link to join the online entrance exam.
– Prepare passport or ID documents to go through verification process.

11. Post-Exam Communication:
– After completing the exam, await further communication from the Admission Team regarding the results and any subsequent steps in the admission process.

Remember to stay organized, be attentive to communication from the University, and approach the entrance exam with confidence. Best of luck in your academic journey at Medical University of Silesia!


Helpfull information and materials:

In case candidate’s leaving certificate lacks required subject/ subjects or certificate is issued by other country than mentioned in Terms and procedures, candidate will be required to attempt an oral entrance exam in English language as per the date indicated in the Application Form.

During the entrance exam candidate’s knowledge (on Polish high school level) will be evaluated in the following fields of study:

  • biology (mandatory)
  • chemistry or physics, as per candidate’s choice


Entrance exam will be conducted using remote method through MS Teams platform. Make sure your computer settings allow your webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones work on Teams application, In special cases, Examination Committee may conduct the exam at the University location.

Final result obtained in the entrance exam is given in points and determines candidate’s position on the rank list.

Each candidate can attempt the entrance exam only once during one admission process.

In order to prepare for the entrance exam please review the following SYLLABUS.

Candidates will be admitted to the English language medical program based on the ranking list. Points based on school leaving certificate or obtained in the entrance exam will determine candidate’s position on the ranking list. Ranking list will be announced on the website once the qualification procedure is completed for all candidates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please use your candidate number to monitor your position on the ranking list.