Terms and procedures of admission to the English language medical program
in the academic year 2021/2022
adopted with the Resolution No 48/2020
of the Senate of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice
of June 24, 2020 with further amendments

  • Candidates may apply for admission to our English language medical program on individual bases directly to the university or may use the services of the following recruiting agencies:
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from Scandinavian countries, Spain, Israel, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg - Adam Kiełpiński Tolles Consulting
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from USA and Canada - Hope Medical Institute
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from China, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand - Lin's international Consultants Corp
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from UK, USA, Middle East countries, Korea and African countries - Medlink Students Limited
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from South Asia countries (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan) and countries of the Middle East region of Asia - Falesia Jovial Unipessoal LDA
    • Recruiting agency for candidates from Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Arabic Countries - Boniface - Owl-Med

  • Candidates are required to apply through Electronic Application Form to which scan copies of the following documents must be attached:
    • original or notarized copy of high school diploma,
    • scanned ID/passport photo (resolution: 300 DPI),
    • certificate documenting English language fluency level (as specified here),
    • receipt of registration fee payment in the amount of 85 PLN (transferred to this account number),
    • Apostille – in case when the high school/college diploma was issued by an institution operating in the educational system of a Hague Convention Contracting country, as of October 5th, 1961, which waives the requirement of legalization of foreign government documents,
    • certificate issued by the Polish Superintendent of Education stating an approval of high school/college diploma – in case of documents not recognized in Poland by operation of law, issued in a country with which Republic of Poland did not sign a mutual educational. document recognition contract, or a document from a country with which Poland has the above-mentioned contract but the document is not covered in it, NOTE: this certificate is to be obtained only after arrival to Katowice.
  • All documents must be issued in English language. If the original document is issued in another language, a sworn translation into English is required.

Upon satisfactory verification of the Electronic Application Form (which must be completed through December 15, 2021) candidate is required to submit printed and signed Application Form with original or notarized copies of all attached documents to the University mailing address, as per the automated e-mail message to be received from the University Admission Committee. NOTE: In case of not submitting above mentioned documents by the prescribed deadline (14 days prior to indicated date of entrance exam) candidate will not be allowed to attempt the entrance exam and his/her application will remain unconsidered.

Based on approval of paper documents submitted to the University candidate MUST attempt an oral entrance exam in English language as per the date indicated in the Application Form.

  • Entrance exam will be conducted:
    • using remote method through MS Teams platform – in case of continued epidemic circumstances. Make sure your computer settings allow your webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones work on Teams application,
    • at the University location – in case of revoking sanitary regime.
  • Rules and Regulations for remote entrance exams

  • During the entrance exam candidate’s knowledge will be evaluated in the following fields of study, as per candidate’s choice:
    • biology and chemistry, or
    • biology and physics, or
    • chemistry and physics on Polish high school level.

Final result obtained in the entrance exam determines candidate’s admission to the English language medical program.

Each candidate can attempt the entrance exam only once.

In order to prepare for the entrance exam please review the following SYLLABUS.

Candidates will be admitted to the English language medical program based on a ranking list. Result obtained in the entrance exam will determine candidate’s position in the ranking list. Ranking list will be announced on the website after the last date of the entrance exam. IMPORTANT NOTE: please use your candidate number to monitor your position in the ranking list.