The School of Health Sciences in Katowice was established in 2001, based on the previously existing Department of Nursing (affiliated with the School of Medicine in Katowice).

    The School of Health Sciences in Katowice holds an accreditation of the State Accreditation Committee, the Accreditation Committee for Polish University Medical Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Schools.

    Nursing, Midwifery, and Physiotherapy curricula are designed for secondary school graduates. They are based on the requirements obligatory for higher medical education institutions in Poland and stay in accordance with the European Union standards.

    Nursing, Midwifery, and Physiotherapy studies in Poland meet European requirements and are conducted according to the Bolognese system.

    First-degree study graduates are prepared to undertake the second-degree studies and post-graduate training.


    Teaching curricula of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy courses include two groups of subjects:

    group I – theoretical subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, embryology and genetics, physical examination, biochemistry and biophysics, microbiology and parasitology, public health, pharmacology, radiology, psychology, sociology, pedagogy and law.

    group II – general and specialist nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy subjects (depending on the faculty of study), for example: philosophy and ethics, health promotion, primary care, gynaecology and gynaecological care, neonatology and neonatal care, paediatrics and paediatric nursing, internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, anaesthesia and life-threatening conditions, rehabilitation and dietetics, manual therapy, kinesiotherapy, lymphatic massage.


    Degree: MASTER

    Length of studies: 5 years (10 semesters)


    For many years, School of Health Sciences in Katowice, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, has been offering specialized academic programs ensuring highest qualifications in the area of Physiotherapy. Knowledge and experience of our graduates have been recognized both home and abroad. Lectures and practical exercises are designed in such a way as to incorporate the up to date knowledge in the fields of general medicine and practical Physiotherapy, also highlighting the specific nature of healthcare profession. Practical skills are taught by academic teachers exhibiting their extensive professional experience and significant scientific achievements. Offered programs are in line with the recent trends and always keep pace with the state of the art developments in the field of Physiotherapy.

    The program comprises theoretical knowledge and practical skills, needed for a practitioner in Physiotherapy. Students take this opportunity to extend their general and specialist knowledge of medical, biological and social sciences.

    Studies in the area of Physiotherapy are a way to gain skills of one of the most versatile and comprehensive medical occupations. Graduates are welcome not only in public and private health care establishments but may also seek employment in education, sheltered workshops, hospices, social care, nursing homes, sports centres, health resorts, spa & wellness centres and fitness studios.

    Physiotherapy has now been among the fastest developing disciplines of contemporary medicine. Growing requirements for prophylactic and health promoting activities, as well as promising outcomes of physiotherapeutic treatment, have their effect in boosting the demand for graduates of this particular faculty on the market.

    Our graduates are ready to take positions in:

    • hospitals,
    • private and public rehabilitation centres,
    • spa & wellness centres,
    • health care establishments,
    • government bodies and local institutions working in the area of physiotherapy and health care,
    • as providers of rehabilitation equipment,
    • R & D organizations,
    • organizations established to provide counselling and educate in the area of medical sciences,
    • sports centres.

    Recruitment of candidates who have completed their secondary education abroad and are applying for admission to uniform Master’s studies in physiotherapy is based on the grade for biology obtained in the course of secondary education and a successful verification of the application documents.For candidates who have completed secondary school in Poland and are applying for admission to studies physiotherapy, the order of placing on the ranking list is determined by the grade on the secondary school leaving certificate (the so-called „new secondary school leaving certificate”) obtained in biology on the basic or extended level, converted to the basic level. The condition for admission to the uniform Master’s studies in physiotherapy is the obtainment of the minimum number of points necessary for admission to the first year of full-time studies in the recruitment process in the Medical University of Silesia, in the Polish language curriculum.


    1. Register and make an account on SUM’s platform.

    2. Follow the instructions and submit the application via the platform.

    3. Attach scanned documents to the application.

    4. Pay the application fee of 85 PLN.

    5. Once the application is submitted, you will be notified through the University’s online account or your email address regarding the status of the application.

    6. Once the University Admission Committee verifies your documents, the candidate’s number will be added to the ranking list.

    7. If you will see on the ranking list the candidate’s number with the mark next to it, and if it says’ Pass’ then you have gotten accepted into SUM and CONGRATULATIONS!

    8. Candidate is required to send/post the printed & signed application form with original or notarised copies of all required documents to the University’s mailing address before the start of the academic year 2023/2024 (before October 2, 2023).


    Candidates are required to apply through Electronic Application Form to which scan copies of the following documents must be attached:

      • original or notarized copy of high school diploma,
      • identification document (to be presented for verification),
      • scanned ID/passport photo (resolution: 300 DPI),
      • certificate documenting English language fluency level,
      • receipt of registration fee payment in the amount of 85 PLN (transferred to this account number),
      • health certificate confirming no objections to take up studies in respective fields – applies to candidates who were successfully admitted to the study program by the University Admission Committee,
      • Apostille – in case when the high school/college diploma was issued by an institution operating in the educational system of a Hague Convention Contracting country, as of October 5th, 1961, which waives the requirement of legalization of foreign government documents,
      • certificate issued by the Polish Superintendent of Education stating an approval of high school/college diploma – in case of documents not recognized in Poland by operation of law, issued in a country with which Republic of Poland did not sign a mutual educational. document recognition contract, or a document from a country with which Poland has the above-mentioned contract but the document is not covered in it, NOTE: this certificate is to be obtained only after arrival to Katowice.


    All documents must be issued in English language. If the original document is issued in another language, a sworn translation into English is required.


    Upon satisfactory verification of the Electronic Application Form candidate is required to submit printed and signed Application Form with original or notarized copies of all attached documents to the University mailing address, as per the automated e-mail message to be received from the University Admission Committee.


    In case candidate’s leaving certificate lacks required subject/ subjects or certificate is issued by other country than mentioned in Terms and procedures, candidate will be required to attempt an oral entrance exam in English language as per the date indicated in the Application Form.

    During the entrance exam candidate’s knowledge (on Polish high school level) will be evaluated in the following fields of study:

    • biology (mandatory)


    Entrance exam will be conducted using remote method through MS Teams platform. Make sure your computer settings allow your webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones work on Teams application, In special cases, Examination Committee may conduct the exam at the University location.



    Final result obtained in the entrance exam is given in points and determines candidate’s position on the rank list.

    Each candidate can attempt the entrance exam only once during one admission process.


    In order to prepare for the entrance exam please review the following SYLLABUS.


    Candidates will be admitted to the English language medical program based on a ranking list. Points based on school leaving certificate or obtained in the entrance exam will determine candidate’s position in the ranking list. Ranking list will be announced on the website once the qualification procedure is completed for all candidates. IMPORTANT NOTE: please use your candidate number to monitor your position in the ranking list.